About Brandxcess

Advertise like big brands with pocket size investment!

BrandXcess is an online platform that hosts a variety of Digital Out-of-Home media advertising with extensive reach across multiple different platforms.

Through BrandXcess, we strongly believe that small businesses too will get their fair share of air time to advertise out-of-home just as the giants do.

We are currently hosting more than 3,200 screens across various platforms –Airports, Shopping Malls, Transits, on the Streets, Convenience Store, Universities, Government Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Money ExchangeStores, In-Bus, you name it, we’ve got it!

Our digital inventories will be added on periodically, all you need to do is to constantly check on us!But first, get yourself registered by following these simple steps:


1. Fill in details and register your account


2. Choose your campaign date
3. Check product information


4. Confirm shopping cart
5. Complete payment information


6. Place order
7. Check email

Content Upload

8. Create commercial content
9. Upload content


10. Your advertisement is now live!