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BrandXcess, a proprietary asset of Vivaki (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd(Co. No. 567356-M) is operated by Eleven Pound Sdn Bhd(Co. No. 1053261-H)as a dedicated online market placethat hosts a variety of Digital Out-of-Home media advertising with extensive reach across multiple different platforms.

Conceptualized and founded in 2017, BrandXcess aims to be the first and largest Digital Out-of-Home media advertisingplatform that caters to the needs of small businesses. Through BrandXcess, we strongly believe that small businesses too will get their fair share of air time to advertise out-of-home just as the giants do.

As of today, we arehosting more than 3,200 screens across various platforms –Airports, Shopping Malls, Transits, on the Streets, Convenience Store, Universities, Government Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Money Exchange Stores, In-Bus, and many more to come!

We strive towards service excellence and leverage on technology and dedication to provide solutions that propels these small businesses into new heights.